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Hi welcome to my Live Journal! I go by EbbyCarolina, but you can call me Ebby, or even by my real name Elizabeth if you like. I've been playing The Sims series since middle school (so about six years). My favorite gaming style is Maxis Match. I've played all of the main series of Sims games, and some of the spin-offs. This journal is only dedicated to The Sims 2 at the moment, although I do play TS3. My LJ is mostly an archive of what I've made, so if you can't contact me on LJ try contacting me on my Simblr.

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5th-Jul-2020 05:18 pm - CC Resource List
This will be eventually be the place where I keep track of all the CC I use for my game, this will forever be a work in progress. I'll probably forget some stuff and come back and add to the list.

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6th-May-2013 03:11 pm - Sim Download: Apple Blossom
This is Apple Blossom the Sim that I made for the GOS April Sim Challenge for TS2. I promised whispered-rumor that I’d upload her so here she is! :D She comes in a CC and no CC version. Click the picture to go to the download. :)

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5th-May-2013 03:40 pm - I'm starting to see a pattern...
I made a Tumblr Followers gift and decided to link to it on LJ (I'm a lot more active on tumblr).

Click on the picture to go to the downloads.

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Click on the image to go to the download :)

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(click on the picture to go to the download)
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As said in the title, these are 12 minimalist Adventure Time posters (sorry for the crappy preview pic).

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